The Hot Birthday present

The 2 weeks before her 24th birthday, her husband Simon told her he was going to take her out for a dinner at one of the big restaurants on the Saturday night. It would be a nice evening and she was rather excited about the prospect as the previous date they had been on was more than six months ago which seemed a lifetime away, and since she battled with Bipolar depression which her and Tyler had seemed to have found their own cure for when her moods became erratic or when she started feeling sad and aggressive, she knew that they would be naked in bed with Tyler pumping away at her or going down on her licking her clitoris and vulva to give her the orgasm she so desperately needed at least once a week.

Sex was Kelly’s medicine. Although she was on her daily chronic medication, there was just nothing that could beat having an orgasm. It would calm her down when she would start feeling anxious or give her a lift if she started sinking too low in feeling blue and depressed. The pressure was always on Tyler her husband to do his task even if he wasn’t in the mood. She pitied him some days when she’d call demanding he come home to meet her needs and the way he always rushed home to be with her and give her the servicing that she desired in order for her to feel calm, happy and relaxed.

The Saturday arrived and she was excited at the prospect of going out. She had a long relaxing bath, then dressed in her favourite clothes – a nice blue gown with matching briefs, bra, stockings, suspenders and a new pair of shoes she had bought especially for the occasion.

While Tyler was driving to the restaurant, he told her that when they got back, he would have a wonderful surprise waiting for her, something he knew she had always wanted and occasionally joked about when they were alone and chatting together. This made Kelly even more excited.

During the meal she kept pestering Tyler to tell her what the surprise was as she couldn’t quite place the idea that it was something she’d always wanted. But all Tyler said was: “You’ll have to wait’

The meal couldn’t go quick enough for her, and straight afterwards they went home.

Once back home, Kelly entered the lounge and switched the lights on and got the shock of her life! 

Four of their friends jumped up from behind the couch and shouted: “Surprise!”

She couldn’t believe her eyes. There was Mike, David, Graham and Jim. The strange and odd thing was that none of them had their wives or girlfriends with them.

Tyler locked the door behind him and said: “This is for you, baby. My present from me to you. These friends of ours are going to and have agreed to give you what you have always wanted.

She then understood what was about to happen. She was to be the centre of attention in a mass sex session. She had no intention of backing out. Kelly had often wondered what such an experience would be like and now she was about to find out exploring a whole new adventure and that would no longer remain just a fantasy.

Tyler took off her coat, and this served as a signal for the others to undress hurriedly. He then unzipped her gown and she stepped out of it to a chorus of whistles. This made an icy tingle shoot through her spine and she slowly, deliberately unclipped her bra to stir up more excitement in the four men who stood watching her in eager anticipation. She tossed her bra to one side as her nipples, aroused, sprang free. Then in a provocative manner, she sat on the carpet, slipped her briefs off and threw them where her bra had landed.

As she began to unfasten her stockings, the four men told her not to – so she left them on, together with her suspenders and shoes.

Mike was the first to come forward. He kneeled before her, opened her legs wide and started licking her clitoris. She felt herself becoming deliciously wet and shuddered as she had her first orgasm. Then Jim came over and started sucking on her nipples, kissing, teasing each one before exploring her mouth with his tongue. With this treatment Kelly soon felt herself having another orgasm. 

The two men then swapped places with Jim’s knees on either side of her neck, giving her a full view of the purple – veined underside of his eight inch cock. His hairy balls scratched her chin. She grabbed hold of his cock and began to suck on it. 

Mike, meanwhile, was parting the lips of her cunt with his eager fingers, and pushed his throbbing cock to the full depth of her hole. Gradually he began to speed up his thrusts and yet another orgasm raced through her body. Kelly automatically clamped her legs around his back and squeezed her vaginal muscles around his shaft to make him come. And that’s just what he did. He shot his load at the same time Jim’s cock burst in her mouth, filling her mouth with all his hot white cream while Mike filled her pussy with his spunk.

As the two men got up to leave, Kelly jumped up and ran over to Tyler who was sitting on the lounge sofer with his pants halfway down, wanking his cock while watching the sexual splendor happening before him. Kelly, her mouth still full of Jim’s cream, jumped on top of Tyler and forced her mouth on his, letting her tongue enter his mouth as she snow balled Jim’s semen into Tyler, her husbands mouth.

It was then that David came and positioned himself behind her. Holding his hard tool in his hand he eased it into pussy from behind and started giving it to her doggy style. Kelly took it in from behind with the greatest of pleasure as she went down on Tyler’s cock, taking his hard throbbing shaft in her mouth. Now the rhythm began. As David pumped her from behind, Kelly let her head bob up and down on Tyler’s cock, hearing her husband groan with pleasure as her mouth serviced his shaft while her pussy got fucked doggy style from behind.

It didn’t take long before both men were holding back as long as they could before coming. David pumping her cunt with his hot seed and Tyler her husband filling her mouth with more Jizz and knowing he was going to have to swallow again as his wife snowballed his hot white semen into the back of his throat with another long French kiss.

Although Kelly felt somewhat like a whore, she’d never felt this happy and free in ages. Oh yes! This is what she had longed for. What her and Tyler had spoken about but always in a ridiculous “just a joke” way. 

As the first three men including her husband sat back on the floor and sofa all now exhausted and limp dicked after coming multiple times, it was Graham who was still standing naked and hard. Pre-cum drooling from the tip of his swollen purple knob. 

Kelly lay back on the floor. Her blond hair all over her face and sides and put her hand out to Graham. He came over and got on top of her as he started fucking her missionary style. Sliding his long hard shaft inside her. Feeling her juices wetting his shaft. Then pulling out and rubbing his cock on her pubic mound. Then sliding his pole back inside her for another session. He felt himself building up to explode now as well but instead of coming inside her, he put his hard cock between her tits and using both left and right hands on both her boobs on either side, folded them around his shaft and started to jerk away. Pumping his cock between her tits as long white jets of his sperm started shooting and spraying up her neck and into her face.

She then took his pole and let him fuck her mouth, letting him empty his balls for the last time.

All the men gave a quick round of applause before picking up their clothes, dressing and saying good night before leaving. She lay on the floor feeling satisfied. Her terrible mood swings now seemed so far away. Maybe she was cured and would never suffer a bad Bipolar depression episode again. Her sweet birthday surprise was now over and Tyler her husband came into the lounge where she lay on the floor and got down and lay next to her. There they fell asleep in each others arms. Happy that their fantasy had been full filled.

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