Threesome with Sandra and Jana

I’ve known my friend Jana for several years. Unfortunately for me, just a friend. She always attracted me a lot and fucked her up with my secret wish. Jana is an attractive brunette with long hair, slim figure with medium bust. She likes to be attractive and sexy and she is very excited about her […]

The perfect massage

They had known each other for a long time and they were very good friends with each other, one day between speeches she complained that her back was aching and he suggested her a massage. They agreed to meet her at her house and he would do her massage. When they came to her house, […]

The best day of his life!

I drove home from work. She sat opposite me. She had tits exactly in the palm of her foot, looming from under the short mini skirts, and her nylons were transparent with petals. She had a smile like a devil and red hair. She winked at me and licked her lips. He stood down at […]

Threesome with his two girlfriends

My friend called me today if I could stop by her in the evening. When the bell rang, Veronika only opened in her dressing gown. She invited me in and embraced me in the doorway and touched my penis with the other hand. He was hard at that time, because Veronika is really a piece. […]