The best day of his life!

I drove home from work. She sat opposite me. She had tits exactly in the palm of her foot, looming from under the short mini skirts, and her nylons were transparent with petals. She had a smile like a devil and red hair. She winked at me and licked her lips. He stood down at the command she noticed and smiled or breathed as I was enchanted by the beauty. At the next stop she grabbed my hand and pulled out of the bus. I was silent and watched her ass move in that mini .I’m not going to get the words before her house. She just smiled and watched me be Sandra.

Oh, beautiful. In the elevator she grabbed my hand and pushed it under the mini. I looked at her and ran her fingers through her cave. Her eyes were closed and she enjoyed it, but we were not in front of her door for a long time. I continued to take her off her shirt and unbuttoned her pink bra. She was breathing fast and stood like a tree trunk. I started to play with her twos.It was her nipples for a while and her hand started to play with the cave. I got her to lick her slowly, I liked it and whined at it then I started slowly searching her cave with my fingers One and I added the other one, it started to buckle and sag.

I stopped and unbuttoned my pants. She started to smoke it in my tongue and it was so nice as she was running over my hard stick. We couldn’t stand it anymore and I sprayed right into her mouth, probably not expecting it and choking. Then she lay on the sofa and lifted one leg up on the back and winked at me. I did not hesitate even moment. I got into it and I added it in tempu.Začal as a cat and your hands massaged kozičky.Byla beautiful. I stopped and she just looked at me. She smiled and changed her position as she liked it. She kneeled on the sofa leaning against the back and spreading her legs on me. A beautiful look came to me. she pulled a little and made me even more rode I was like a wild boar and Sandra just screamed almost screaming. I pulled her for the red hair and added to the pace. It didn’t take long for me to breathe like a marathon and bend it over.

I twisted in it for a while. I took it out and started to lick her wet and sweet cave. But I wasn’t finished with my fingers and I went to anal and then I pushed her there slowly. .It was nice, and she was still screaming about it. It sounded like a waterfall. She turned to me, panting, smiled, and gave me my stuff and walked me out into the corridor. I was embarrassed all the time. She opened the door, but already in her dressing gown and handed me a ticket that stood: The day after tomorrow. And without words she closed. I look forward to seeing her again

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