Perfect sex on birthday party

We’ve been together with my friend Mirek for a year. We both love each other and above all we like sex, we like to try new things, new places and new places, but above all we like wild and sudden sex.

We were recently invited to celebrate our common acquaintance. The celebration was held at the Uno pizzeria. After arriving at the pizzeria, I wished Mirek I had a birthday present, gave him a gift and went to feast. Pizzas of all possible combinations were worn on the table and we wished to drink it, I had white wine and Mirek beer. In later hours, there was a series of rallies with a celebrity. After a few shots and white wine, I felt a relaxed mood. At the party, all possible self-evidently discussed the topic of sex was not long overdue.

 The topic of sex started a bit more and I started to get a taste. He wants to give it somewhere. She started to throw my glances over Mirek across the table. After a moment of glancing and yelling for sex, I got out of my chair and headed for the exit. when I was pulling a handle, I threw a glance at Mirek once again and waited outside to see if he had caught up with my call. I didn’t wait for a minute and my friend was with me. I grabbed him and I dragged him like a dog away. Cars were parked on the sidewalk, and when I saw the gap between the cars, I pulled him there and began to kiss him passionately. I didn’t last long and had to undress him.

I started unbuttoning his belt and then my pants. I pulled the trousers out of him and took out his crockery from his shorts. She ran my hand over him and put it in her mouth and started to smoke it. Mirek seemed to like it so much, he started to relax. Then Mirek pulled me up and started kissing me while unbuttoning my pants. Before I blinked I had my pants down and I was laying on my car hood. He spread my legs and began to lick my shell. At first he ran the tongue out of the buckle to the mountain and then devoted himself to irritating my clitoris and teasing my fingers with my fingers. I wanted to have him in me. She whispered in the direction of Mirek, “so he’s killing me” Mirek looked at me from the bottom and grabbed his stick and pointed it straight at my pussy and drove right into me.

I screamed delight. Then he slowly took it out and thrust it all in again. I had him in me all the way to the balls. Then he began to beat in pace. Inside, I could feel his dick getting bigger, getting harder and harder. After a moment of beats, he turned my back on me and slipped it from my back, yelled a little as he thrust into me, was so big and hard. He drove his way back and forth and got into a lot of boiling, feeling like I’m getting close to orgasm. I was screaming with pleasure, it had to be heard all around. Orgasm appeared in the wig. Pussy beat me to the rhythm of orgasm. Mirke left him there for a while, then he pulled him out of me, I knelt in front of him and started chasing him and tongue licking the tip of his log. After a moment he filled his mouth with him with a seed. Even after alcohol and everything he ate tasted delicious. I didn’t even drop a drop. We sucked it all and swallowed it. She licked her lips with her tongue and began to adjust to get back to the party.

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