Young babe and older guy

Hi it’s a year since I and my boyfriend and then friend (and seducer) first experienced something that can hardly describe but I tell you. At that time I was at a disco and we had ourselves for the first time, we talked for a while, and then he asked me if I could dance with him, of course I nodded. But it was at 3 am and he had to go give me a quick kiss on the cheek and left. I had the feeling that it would be a sin not to write to him, so I wrote to him. We wrote a terribly long time and finally we met.

He came by car and one glance was enough and I knew he was totally excited! We talked for a while but then he came to me and put my hair behind my ear, grabbed my butt and kissed for a long time, we were on our bodies and everybody was very excited. swollen nipples and started playing with them right now. I just stroked it in my hair and enjoyed the pleasure. Slowly I undressed it and kissed her neck, earlobes, tummy and started to play with his “friend” and he But he did not enjoy himself so we went to 69.A enjoyed both.It was unforgettable, full of emotions, etc. …. We gave a shit for other times but I’ll tell you sometime next time!

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