Great sex on vacation in Greece

It was about 5 years ago. We went with my teen friend to Greece. We had an apartment and there was no problem sunbathing sharply. I was just after the breakup, and she sacrificed herself and drove me away from everyday life. After the first week we were already pretty tanned and decided to go […]

Perfect sex on birthday party

We’ve been together with my friend Mirek for a year. We both love each other and above all we like sex, we like to try new things, new places and new places, but above all we like wild and sudden sex. We were recently invited to celebrate our common acquaintance. The celebration was held at […]

Young babe and older guy

Hi it’s a year since I and my boyfriend and then friend (and seducer) first experienced something that can hardly describe but I tell you. At that time I was at a disco and we had ourselves for the first time, we talked for a while, and then he asked me if I could dance […]

Cheating wife fucking with her husband

We regularly sex with my wife. She is 28 years old and still has a beautiful figure. She has big tits. Her pussy is always beautifully moist and open to all experience. I was surprised to find out that she was unfaithful to me. It was a quarrel, and proper. In the end, she said […]

Perfect sex with 25 years old babe

Well, to begin with, I say it was amazing! I have a good friend Kryštof and he is probably slammed into me. He once had a party and there were a lot of nice guys. There were only about two to ten girls. One boy told me if I was looking for a good game. […]

Sex really long time ago

My first female was a professional musician in one of the symphony orchestras, a blod, developed in the 60’s just a “piece” similar to Pilarce of that time. I knew from a few good souls that he was cheating on me where he could. Since I was younger than myself, I suffered a lot, but […]

Threesome with Sandra and Jana

I’ve known my friend Jana for several years. Unfortunately for me, just a friend. She always attracted me a lot and fucked her up with my secret wish. Jana is an attractive brunette with long hair, slim figure with medium bust. She likes to be attractive and sexy and she is very excited about her […]

Dream about lesbian sex

As a young girl I had a dream and later a desire to have sex with a woman. Later I got married and had sex forgotten about sex, but the desire remained. The children grew up, but my desire grew steadily. I bought magazines and thought I couldn’t keep it that way. I had orgasms […]

Cheating with 33 years old babe

I am 33 and I have been married for several years. I had an afternoon so I went to the city for shopping. I was hic from morning so I put on black minidress and under them lace panties and on top I was naostro.Mám five breasts and so it was quite brave, but I […]

Public sex with his hot girlfriend!

In August, we and my friend were sunbathing and bathing on a sandbox. Because it was after lunch, I lay down in the shade and fell asleep on my back. After a while I felt someone shivering slightly with me. Half-sleep I heard him tell me to turn around. I thought I wouldn’t get sunburned, […]