Public sex with his hot girlfriend!

In August, we and my friend were sunbathing and bathing on a sandbox. Because it was after lunch, I lay down in the shade and fell asleep on my back. After a while I felt someone shivering slightly with me. Half-sleep I heard him tell me to turn around. I thought I wouldn’t get sunburned, but when I woke up a little more, I found myself standing in a swimsuit as a mast. I turned to my side with my back to an elderly couple who stared at me about fifty yards away. The Lord through the glasses, the lady through the magazine and both as they turn in our direction. My friend lay down on the blanket beside me, too, as if we were chatting together.

Nothing helped me still and was tougher and harder. Until it resulted in a laughter of both of us. Only one thing will help here, I said when the laughter went over and the stall lasted. Until now, I thought we were still in the fun. For now, I have never thought of trying something. Somehow I couldn’t imagine having sex with her or anything. “Let’s go look at it,” she said, and with her forefinger she pulled my swimsuit out. Her long fingernail touched her taut skin. I took it in my hand as if I wanted to hide it, but I couldn’t. I rolled my skin and exposed the shiny poured acorn as much as possible. She watched me for a moment while she stared into my eyes to see my reaction to the beginning pleasure. After a while, it was visible on their lips and throat that it wouldn’t be just pleasure for me.

I turned to check the situation behind us on the beach. When I looked back, her eyes were closed and her hand under her crotch swimsuit. She also joined in talking. I wouldn’t let you out in a choked voice. It didn’t take long for me to spray the seed to her belly. She continued for a moment then looked around and pulled wet fingers from her swimsuit. I turned and saw him from a nearby couple about to jump into the water and watch us quietly. Only on the way home on the wheels I found out in the forest that she was completely shaved, she loves to be satisfied with her orally, she is pretty much wet when irritated.

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