Dream about lesbian sex

As a young girl I had a dream and later a desire to have sex with a woman. Later I got married and had sex forgotten about sex, but the desire remained. The children grew up, but my desire grew steadily. I bought magazines and thought I couldn’t keep it that way. I had orgasms over magazines, erotic pages, and I felt like a poor girl. That is why I went to the sauna once and of course I met a woman who perfectly fulfilled my dreams and desires. After the first visit to the sauna, we became acquainted with each other.

What happened there was incredibly beautiful for me. After the first I loved my wife. Perfectly made me oral sex, this wonderful irritation clit tongue, it was orgasms !!! We always love each other, we have other practices, not just oral. We have been together for three years, we go on a holiday together and that tender love is wonderful. Therefore, to anyone who reads this site, I wish that the most secret wish was fulfilled and never resist your dreams of making love and fulfill them.

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