Sex really long time ago

My first female was a professional musician in one of the symphony orchestras, a blod, developed in the 60’s just a “piece” similar to Pilarce of that time. I knew from a few good souls that he was cheating on me where he could. Since I was younger than myself, I suffered a lot, but at the same time I ignored it and tried to find my own way. We lived in a sublease in one of the Art Nouveau houses. Room and use of toilet and bathroom. The room came from a common hallway. I worked in late hours in one of the then theater agencies. When I arrived at about 11 home. I found the door to our room locked from the inside. I knocked and said, “What the fuck are you, this is me” I heard some noise and after about five minutes my wife opened the door, dressed in a bathrobe, and the bedside lamp glowed dimly inside.

I asked stupid what was happening when I saw someone lying under the blanket on the bed side of the bed. Wife said “pssst, Jan (one of her orchestra’s older guys around the age of 55) had a fight with his wife, so I let him sleep here”. I didn’t know what to say, I felt terribly stupid, stripped and slipped into my bed. My wife turned off the lamp and lay down beside me. I thought for a moment and then whispered in my ear “go to bed with him and finish what you were doing before I came”. She froze, but then she whispered “don’t you mind?” Before I could answer, she was completely naked and slipped out of my bed. I heard some male mumbling and the silent voice of my wife “fuck me, that my jerk still has a half bird you got!” I swallowed dry, a 55-year-old guy thirty years old, has a bigger tail than me, and in my presence my wife tells him … and begins to wriggle with the pleasures of the old spit.

In the darkness, I could only see the approximate silhouettes of two shaggers, but I heard the muffled roar of my wife tossing at the musician’s pajamas. After a long time I heard the scream of my dear wife stamping “fuck me, fuck me …” and at the same time grunting a fucking guy. My wife was still “spraying me on my ass …” guy screaming … Then quiet ….. I was erect to bursting and staring into the dark without a single move. After some time, my wife uncovered the blanket and crawled over to me on a bed of hot fucking old fucking without saying anything falling asleep, and in a moment I could also hear the breathing of her cohabitation sleep on the bed. I didn’t sleep until morning. Today after years of thinking about it, I realize that my ex-wife Lenka actually gave me a beautiful sexual experience ..

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