The perfect massage

They had known each other for a long time and they were very good friends with each other, one day between speeches she complained that her back was aching and he suggested her a massage. They agreed to meet her at her house and he would do her massage. When they came to her house, she asked him if he wanted to make coffee first and he nodded. Both of them realized that it would be something special and unusual for them, both of whom felt the strange tension of their bodies. She brewed coffee and offered him a piece of bun left over in the oven. They started to have fun and drink coffee. They were always having fun, so the time was running fast. He looked at her and told her “what about the massage?” Still talking to each other, you complain about back pain and suddenly you don’t have it.

She answered him “and what should I take off, bra when your back hurts, he does. Do not be afraid to watch and leave the room when you lie so call. He looked out the window and waited until he told him he could. She called to him and he entered the room. She lay on her stomach, wearing only jeans, her hands folded under her head, waiting for his hands to touch. He took a cream on his fingers and applied it to her back. Not really studying it, first warm your hands in your hands. He began to massage her back with her fingers and continued to talk, but after a moment she stopped talking and concentrated on the pressure of his fingers and palms. He massaged her back and so he could massage her neck, he had to stand in front of her. She lifted her head and looked straight into his crotch. Sorry I had to relocate to give you a neck massage, okay she did it, go on. He massaged her neck for a moment, then moved back to her back and continued the massage. He took another batch of cream on his fingers and put it on her back. She screamed once more, and you get a couple of slips.

He began massaging her in the cross and carefully examined her reactions. Occasionally his hands slid from his back to the curls of her breasts, always saying, “sorry, the cream as my fingers slip after him”. Yeah cool she on it. Suddenly someone rang, rose quickly, and turned to get up and go open. He heard him having fun with a woman and waited for him to return. She came back to the room and wore a sweatshirt all the way to her neck. Sweatshirt beautifully highlighted her beautifully large breasts. He walked over to her and unzipped the hoodies. What you wanted to do, she asked him, and without any answer he bowed his head and kissed her breast in his mouth, feeling the taste of the cream. She shivered lightly, and he removed her sweatshirt from her body and put it back on the bed to continue the massage.

After a moment of massage, she pulled her jeans off her ass lightly to keep them greasy. She lifted herself and unzipped herself, letting him see her jeans off. As he pulled his jeans off her body, he found that he had no panties on him, a little astonished, but she told him she liked to go straight. The only thing she kept was wearing beautifully colored striped socks. His hands slid down his back and moved slowly to her buttocks. He began his massage, his fingers slipping on his skin to her well. He knew he didn’t want to stop now and began to deliberately irritate her. Under his fingers he felt his whole open, but he wanted to worry about her for a moment, so he offered her a massage of her breasts and belly. It was massaging, she asked him, of course he did. Well, you can go on. He took the cream on his fingers and applied it to his nipples, shouting at him that it was too cold. He began massaging her nipples and felt them begin to grow and harden under his touch. He lowered his lips to her breasts and began kissing them and running his tongue over his nipples, slipping his hand into her lap and stroking her well. As he slipped his finger into her doorway, he could feel how crazy it was, as if it were a small dam reservoir that threatened to overflow.

He irritated the tongue of her nipple, which was beautifully large, he realized he had never seen such a big nipple before. Her body trembled and he no longer wanted to worry about her and began to kiss her body toward her well. She put her legs apart and he buried his mouth between her legs and began to devour her sweet nectar with full sips. He circled his tongue around the swollen clitoris and irritated him with the tip of his tongue. Her sighs spilled across the room, urging him to be even more active. He grabbed her legs so that he could open himself completely and he could lick her all her wet well.

He licked her for a moment, as if the butterfly were touching her with her wings, and then his touch became stronger, and this was repeated over and over again. She was on the verge of her explosion and begged him to enter her and make her love her, but he said that it was not a good time to concentrate on his delight. Her reaction surprised him, he had no idea that it was her most sensitive place to give her the most delight in irritation. She flung herself from side to side and slowly approached her peak.

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