Crazy – My dog raped me!!

Hello, my names March, i’m 15, big tits, round ass. Aug. 26, 2014 is when my dog stole my sweet virginity. I was 13, my parents were staying at a hotel for night (i’m guessing so they were having sex). I was taking a shower and its normal for my great Dane Rio to be in the bathroom while I shower, I got out and Rio isn’t ever agressive but he bit my thigh, I yelled in pain “RIO!! BAD BOY! GET OUT NOW!” I walked out and walked to my room, I put on a Calvin Klein sports bra on, I laid on my bed and started watching tv, I passed out, Rio usually sleeps with me harmless. I woke up to finding ot his dragged down my panties and was trying to hump me, I felt his cock getting bigger and bigger… I was in shock. I tried to get up but he started growling, I ignored his warning and he bit my shoulder. I was in pain while he was quickly searching for my vagina, I cried and pleaded, I knew I had to give in. He found my entry… I felt his knot swelling up, It began feeling pretty good but I wasn’t okay with this, I had passed out and woke up with him licking up my cum, I was disgusted… I did crave more but no thanks. My parents came home the next day, I was so embarrassed, how the hell could I ever tell them?! My parents found out and were disgusted in me, they didn’t think I was the victim, I felt lost, lonely, I didn’t wanna commit suicide but I wrote a suicide note so my parents would realize that I was a victim, they did fall for it, I find myself messy as hell, do ya’ll agree?

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