Cheating wife and her home sex

Former wife had a friend who used to visit us all the time. She was divorced. In various interviews and allusions, I knew that I was not indifferent to her. She boasted to her that she had her intravascular device closed, Danu. let’s do it too. once she came to us in mood and she has a dan too but she has nowhere to try it. We drank together and played cards about fanty, I was of course the first naked, then the wife and finally known, played music from magneťák and me he told the girls to go dancing with me in a slow dance, they both went as much as he was at attention and I was wondering how to do it. I took a tailor’s centimeter and started to measure their breasts, then we sat down gyn.

The place, the woman first, dasha just watched and I started to investigate her too. Both girls had a nice break and started to get wet, the woman grabbed my dick and whispered I got him there, rolled over to a friend, drove her up to the balls, in the minute I was finished when I pulled him out, so the woman started licking my wet dick, shoved it in my mouth, immediately stood up, then started I wouldn’t forget to ride them for a while, I changed both of them until they did, they kept standing for me. Kamárádka pushed him into her mouth and smoked for life after we went to the shower and all three of us went to sleep.

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