Hard sex with my favourite sister

Everything started after one operation, about a month ago. Immediately after I was discharged from hospital I was assigned a home nurse. She went to me daily to help me change. I expected an elderly lady, a pensioner who needed money. But I was pleasantly surprised. She was absolutely stunning. She had long auburn hair and a look that even the coldest heart could melt. Mostly she wore her working uniform, but sometimes she also wore civilian clothes. She wore a leather bag with her that looked very nice.

She was 39, divorced from two children. I am 42, also divorced and I have one child who lives with her mother. So I lived a pretty free life. I talked to her about everything. But broken relationships were a very common topic. But today it was somewhat different. I was supposed to come to the hospital today to change my plaster. The nurse, who was given me home, should have taken care of it. She came a little later than planned. She had to take care of more urgent cases than I was, and then she could follow me.

But it was worth waiting. When she arrived, she immediately started to apologize for being late. I told her I fully understood it and that she didn’t have to apologize. Then she began to change my plaster. When she finished with it, she still gave me a total check. She noted that I had a little faster pulse. (it always was when she was in my vicinity) She also noticed bulging in my pajamas. She asked me when I last lay down on my stomach. I told her it would be a month. Which was total bullshit, but she didn’t know. She looked down again and asked me if there was anything she could help me with. She didn’t even have to ask twice, and then she chased him as perfectly as no one ever had before. Now it was my turn. First I took her hospital uniform off and then put it on the bed.

I squeezed her two little tits and began to massage her nipples. It was driving her crazy, so she lay back, spreading her legs and giving me a view of her cave. If only she knew she’d rather lick her cunt than I fucked … I really got into her shell. She had done a total of four times and told me that neither her former nor any of her friends had ever satisfied her that way. I told her that women’s satisfaction was always number one priority for me. I licked her for about an hour. Then the break ended and she had to go back to work. But tomorrow, she’ll come home to me again.

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