Sex with Eva on vacation

Eva is young, married for one year childless. She likes the Adriatic where she used to go as a child with her parents. When she was eleven years old, she saw an excited man on the nudist beach. She was confused. Yes, some men are endowed with more but do not worry when you are adult, they should not make you a problem to take on such a big limb told her mother and in her eyes was a special shine.

Eva’s husband is a businessman who does not have time for a 14-day holiday, so she went with her friend herself. They knew in advance that they both want to enjoy themselves and they will not compete with each other. sympajaci.Prima figure… says one, they both start laughing and look with interest exotic bachelor.Posed together at a good red wine in a nearby restaurant, in the evening was beautiful and both boys polite .At the morning they arranged an appointment. disappointed that everyone took them somewhere else, Eva went with her little boat to a remote but nearby bay.It was beautiful there, but it was clear that it was ready to be folded.Great mattress with a clean blanket, a bottle of wine, water, cherries and the grapes were refreshing.

Marko immediately slipped tightly, she was looking at him with interest, so big and fat she still didn’t have. She was also a little procrastinated, she was aware of her shortcomings, small breasts and wide hips. She greatly enlarged. She took his acorn into her mouth and began to suck and irritate the frenter, purring pleasure after a few seconds she also began to caress in her crotch. Her wide open legs gave her a sign of her excitement.

He jumped up on her and penetrated her very quickly, her eyes pounding, her hand resting on his flat stomach to prevent his deep penetration into her. After a while she got used to letting him hit it all the way. she hadn’t experienced it in a couple of minutes she had several strong orgasms, she didn’t experience it at home. They changed positions, she on it, from the side, from behind and back on it. His phone rang. She thundered wildly and experienced another climax

not to be so noisy and insatiable. He telephoned and swung up again. Her legs embraced him and allowed him to penetrate his big tail into her, She slipped her eyes and relished the feeling of penetrating the big penis into her. He saw that someone was looking at them. She tells her, she starts to laugh and is even more unbound and sharply raises to the balls. , he rises to her and begins to vehemently chase the tail. She suggests to him that she would like to finish everything with her mouth but he has other ideas. She sprays her seed on a little breasts and belly. she wanted to taste his semen and also tells him I don’t have that long tongue to lick your sperm out of my breasts, I’ll hold you next time.

During the evening, both friends had a good time but Jan fell worse and hiding at least a publishing gel. I thought I would end up on a sculpture so you have to see a huge acorn and you can change the boys. How will it be tomorrow? Both laugh and are happy, so they imagined the holiday.

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