Sex with my new neighboar (gay)

After my ex-wife told me it was over, I had to look for new housing. I figured it would be more reasonable to get a roommate than to find something just for myself. I was glad because the first place I got was spacious and rational. James, who lived here with me, was at my age and looked like a regular guy. We understood each other, although we did not see each other because of our different working hours. I lived there for about three weeks when I woke up one night and couldn’t sleep. I gave up and went to the kitchen for something to eat.

Along the way to the fridge, I suddenly see James sitting by the computer, who was standing opposite the wall. From the angle James was sitting on, he was slightly back to me, yet I could see his open robe. He was chasing a dick there. I have never seen another man masturbate in my life, so I stood puzzled in the doorway for a moment, staring at him alternately gently caressing the glans and then moving up the mine of his great hard cock. His shitty dick had 17 to 18 numbers, about the same size as mine. Suddenly the gaze began to excite me, and suddenly I felt my penis rising.

I slipped into my underpants with my hand, which was all I wore, and began to chase it gently. It was quite alien to me to play with him when I watched another guy jerk off, but it was so nice. For a moment, I thought he might see me, but then I realized he was looking at the computer screen and not worrying until the monitor was splashing. I couldn’t see what he was looking at, but the way he was saying it had to be good. Then he stood up to him again. At that moment my cock was as hard as a rock, and I decided to slowly approach James’s back and see what he was looking at, what made him so excited. There were two men on the screen, one kneeling and the other guy smoking a cock. He was holding the dick to the first and busy rummaging him. I was surprised by my own reaction to it all. My penis began to throb and I suddenly wanted to have a strange pee in the possession like a guy on the screen.

I took off my underpants and walked away to James while still chasing him. He looked at me. I surprised him and he was suddenly embarrassed to catch him in jerking. But when he saw me standing, he just smiled happily. He stretched out, took my cock in his hand and gently pulled me close. He turned the chair toward me and sat me on his lap. Our penises started to hit each other. Then he took both of them and started chasing them. It was good for me to feel his cock, but I wanted to smoke it before I did. I slid from his lap to the ground. At first I licked his balls with his tongue and then I started kissing his penis from below. He then thrust my cock into my mouth, took my head and knocked it so that I smelled his boy in his throat. I circled him in tongue and he began to moan gently.

Slowly he began to thrust it, and I smoked it for him. The more he pushed, the harder my own penis was. His lament escalated, becoming faster, more urgent, and louder. Suddenly he pulled it into my esophagus and fired my sperm charge. I’ve never tasted a man’s seed, but this was great. It made me so excited to chase my own cock more and more. When he was shouting into me, I suddenly fired it. I licked up his little boy every drop and continued to do it until I was completely empty. We’ve been enjoying each other very often since then, but that’s another chapter…

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