Unforgettable night in a restaurant

I recently spent an unforgettable night in a restaurant, where I worked as a waiter, one night on a bleak night. At about nine o’clock a woman entered the restaurant, though she would not tell her that she was beautiful, but I was excited by something. Perhaps it was her clamped gown in which her figure was beautiful. Another thing that attracted me to her was her perfectly shaped breasts, it was clear she didn’t have a bra.

The man she entered with was a good thirty years older, probably her father. They had barely spoken a word for dinner. Because he was sitting with his back to the bar, he couldn’t see how I flirted with his daughter (if his daughter, of course). She was really sexy, and the way she smiled at me, she thought the same about me. I waited longingly for the moment for the man to go bounce. In less than ten minutes I was waiting. When I came to her to “pick up the plates” she leaned over to me briefly and said, “If you desire me as much as I do after you meet me four minutes after my husband returns to the ladies’ room!”

I was more surprised by the fact that the 50’s was her husband or that it worked out. The four minutes couldn’t stand. To be sure, I told my colleague that I needed to handle something for a while and he agreed to take it for me for the moment. I went to the girls’ bathroom and waited for about half a minute. Then she came, closed the door and said, “You’ve been watching me all night like you never saw a horny woman, so if you like, take me! But be quick. I didn’t wait for anything and dropped my pants and shorts. My penis was almost completely eroded. “It’s not Spanish at all, definitely better than the old jerk down.” She knelt down and stroked my cock. After a while he was completely hard. It was such a wonderful feeling! It was great to be with a woman who exactly what she wanted and how to achieve it. “Sit down,” she said in a seductive yet strong voice.

I didn’t wait for anything and sat on a chopping board. She took off her panties and hung them on the hook. She licked her fingers and then moistened her treasure. Then she slowly slid down to my nature. Although we missed all the prelude, her pussy was wet and welcoming. She whispered lightly, “add a joke, still, I like it! …” I felt wonderful, I had dreamed of fucking an absolutely unknown woman for a long time now. I didn’t know this morning. It was the best experience ever happened to me. I was impressed by her muscular thigh muscles. They were so sophisticated, and when I saw them clutched to pick up and loosen up and let my pajas get in, I felt wonderful. “Show me the breasts!”

I said in a low voice and began to tear the front of her dress off. Her breasts were solid and well-shaped, but as soon as I saw her pink cakes, almost as big as my palm, I began to regret taking the dress off her. But I didn’t want to complain. I took them in my hand and fiddled with them. We were like this for about three minutes, when she said, “Will you soon? I have to go down now! “” It will be, I assured her, and you take- “” I take contraception, don’t worry about it. “” What are you waiting for, do me! “I didn’t let her wait long. I felt like I should explode every now and then.

It has already come, I have released a bit of soul into it and I watched my sperm flow down her body. As he began to fade away, she got off me and started to wipe. Then she quickly put on her panties and dress. She gave me a kiss and said, “Thanks goodness, I really enjoyed it.” Before I whispered, “Me too, me too …” she was gone. I sat there with my pants down and I didn’t want to do anything. After a while, I returned to reality and cleaned up after myself and dressed up to finish the shift. She hasn’t even looked at me since I came back. She just told her husband when he was paying “give him a big tip, he’s good”. I’ve never seen her since.

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