Young real gay couple and their quickie

I couldn’t find a girl for a long time, so I started to satisfy myself. I was looking at porn movies, but it still wasn’t … Once I invited my friend Cuba to my home, we talked a long time until we got to sex. Cuba admitted to me that he never had a girl until he was gay. I told him I had one girl here and slept with her, but it wasn’t much. I asked him if I liked him, he said too much. So, we found gay porn on the comp and looked at it when we stood. I also liked Cuba, so I hesitated for a while, but in the end I wanted to take off his shirt and pull off his pants. I just left his underpants, then he started to pull my shirt off and then he took off my pants and I was naked. As soon as Cuba saw my dick he did not keep up and knelt and started to smoke it. Because he wasn’t going to live with his underpants, he took off his pants and his log was about to be my size (16cm).

They started to get their cocks smoking each other, because I was doing this boy for the first time right here, he started to cry. Cuba felt it, so he put his dick up to the balls in his mouth, and I splashed straight into his throat. I ran his fingers to his ass and pushed them there, so much that it came to him and splashed my mouth, I got it and I liked it a lot. We lay down on our bed and started to stroke and kiss, our peckers rubbed against each other. I asked him if he wanted me to prick him, he said yes. And so I went for condoms but he told me he wanted it without protection, so I did it here and I smeared my dick and started to put it in his ass in Cuba.

Then we turned and he stabbed me. It was God and splashed in my ass, smelling his warm sperm in me. Then I started licking his ass from my sperm. Then we went to take a shower and wanted to urinate us so we started pissing at each other. We washed each other. Cuba had to go home, but in our gay games we continued next time but about it at other times …

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