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I couldn’t find a girl for a long time, so I started to satisfy myself. I was looking at porn movies, but it still wasn’t … Once I invited my friend Cuba to my home, we talked a long time until we got to sex. Cuba admitted to me that he never had a girl […]

Sex with Eva on vacation

Eva is young, married for one year childless. She likes the Adriatic where she used to go as a child with her parents. When she was eleven years old, she saw an excited man on the nudist beach. She was confused. Yes, some men are endowed with more but do not worry when you are […]

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After my ex-wife told me it was over, I had to look for new housing. I figured it would be more reasonable to get a roommate than to find something just for myself. I was glad because the first place I got was spacious and rational. James, who lived here with me, was at my […]

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Former wife had a friend who used to visit us all the time. She was divorced. In various interviews and allusions, I knew that I was not indifferent to her. She boasted to her that she had her intravascular device closed, Danu. let’s do it too. once she came to us in mood and she […]

The perfect massage

They had known each other for a long time and they were very good friends with each other, one day between speeches she complained that her back was aching and he suggested her a massage. They agreed to meet her at her house and he would do her massage. When they came to her house, […]

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I’ve been studying in a bigger city for a long time. I live in private with my friends. During that time, we have become a pretty good bunch of people, every week we enjoy super party, sometimes it is a nice cut. Every Wednesday we go to our favorite pub. There is always a great […]

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It happened one Saturday morning when my girlfriend was visiting me. He usually gets up around six o’clock and looks something on my laptop while I sleep up to ten. But this morning I woke up at eight o’clock and Lenka wasn’t next to me. It was weird, so I got up and went to […]

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I drove home from work. She sat opposite me. She had tits exactly in the palm of her foot, looming from under the short mini skirts, and her nylons were transparent with petals. She had a smile like a devil and red hair. She winked at me and licked her lips. He stood down at […]

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I recently spent an unforgettable night in a restaurant, where I worked as a waiter, one night on a bleak night. At about nine o’clock a woman entered the restaurant, though she would not tell her that she was beautiful, but I was excited by something. Perhaps it was her clamped gown in which her […]

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Everything started after one operation, about a month ago. Immediately after I was discharged from hospital I was assigned a home nurse. She went to me daily to help me change. I expected an elderly lady, a pensioner who needed money. But I was pleasantly surprised. She was absolutely stunning. She had long auburn hair […]